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Re: Where oh where did you go?

Postby BillyB » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:37 pm

Yes, I was beginning to get a little worried as well. The time of day stuff is looking good. Though all I really need is night and day, and could probably do without dusk and dawn. The fact that all four of those will be present is great, so don't mind my nit-picking. Any chance that a prone stance has been introduced yet, if ever? (I'm still very hopeful for this, though I know it is not a priority, and is not absolutely necessary, but it still feels strange to me for that stance not to be present in the game.)

The more I read about this game (not that there is all that much to read about it yet), the more I am interested in it. At first, I feared it would be more of a two action points (newer X-COM) style turn-based game, but I'm glad it will be a full action points (Jagged Alliance 1 & 2, etc.) type of turn-based game. Mind you, I'd be cool with a good pause-able real-time system as well (like the updated and modded Jagged Alliance Back in Action has) , but I think many others would have been greatly disappointed by that.

I'm a little concerned about how well the campaign portion of the game will be, as it is not the primary focus of the development team right now, but I too think tactical combat game play has to take priority. The fact that the strategic campaign it will be non-linear is good, but that will take more work to get right. Honestly, I'd be okay with something just semi-linear for the campaign if the tactical game play is good - and if the integration between the tactical and strategic layers is smooth and cohesive.

That being said, part of what made the old Jagged Alliance and X-COM games stand out was their very meaningful and deep campaigns. I could actually do without some of the micromanagement heavy aspects of those two campaigns. Having to worry about buying individual magazines of ammo, grenades and rockets seemed to be going a bit overboard in the old X-COM, though that sort of thing just seemed to make somewhat more sense in Jagged Alliance.

On the other hand, with the newer X-COM, there is almost too little micromanagement, primarily because of how tactical combat has been so streamlined and simplified. Some of the was for the better, and I think they did a pretty good job overall - considering that streamlining and simplifying the game is what they were going for (unfortunately). The big thing that Jagged Alliance has needed, since like forever, is just to look better graphically, have a better (more user friendly) UI, and be a bit less wonky when it comes to some things. It looks like End State is doing well in all three of those departments, but I haven't seen enough yet to be absolutely sure.

Keep up the good work guys. We all look forward to seeing future developments with this game. Hang in there. It will be worth it.

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