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Suggestions for the Devs:

Postby TinLeaf » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:51 pm

So, having worked with a variety of developer teams and played a variety of games ranging from most excellent to absolute garbage, I've learned a lot about what's fun and what sells well.
I've only just discovered this game and thus not read much into what features will and will not exist but I'd like to quickly drop down a few features I'd love to see in this game (in no particular order.)
I can assure you this game's gonna be hugely popular if the devs really pay attention to what their audience wants, though.
I watched a trailer and got way too hyped, thus I started writing this before reading much about the dev plans. As such, some of my suggestions are already included in the game's intended final features. However, I'm gonna go ahead and leave them in the list in case I have some little ideas here and there the devs hadn't already thought of hidden in there.
(I am super stoked for this game)

1. Destructible maps.
EVERY tactical game is made better with addition of destructible map features.
Rainbow Six Siege has become a huge hit, Xcom uses this feature, Battlefield introduced this with Bad Company and it was such a huge success that they use it as one of their key selling points in most of their games now. You can't go wrong with adding some dynamic destruction.

2. Character creation/customization.
ABSOLUTELY include characters of your own design! That's great!
But there's nothing that improves a player's experience like being able to really customize their characters to fit the feel they want, tell their story and make sure EVERYONE has that one character they absolutely adore. It's 2017. If you don't feature character/equipment customization in your game, you're ages behind what you should be doing. This should be standard in pretty much any good game. I've played the hell out of Xcom's reboots and I've gotta say that's largely in part to the customization options being so damned cool.

3. Synchronized movement?
This one is tricky and I've only ever seen one game do it well. Take a look at Breach and Clear and give it a play and really think outside the box. Mapping your team's movements and having them all move at once is such an amazing feeling. It's a lot of fun, though obviously tricky to program.
I'm unsure of whether this'd work well in your game but check out Breach and Clear regardless.
It's a blast. (pun intended)

4. Cinematic features.
Obviously, the player should be able to toggle such features off, but the visual details really do count. Even games with simple graphics like MGS: Peace Walker (PSP) or Breach and Clear (originally a smartphone game) pull off some amazing cinematic effects with simple hardware, so you don't need to worry about it affecting performance. There's no reason not to have some cool camera effects and slow motion. Maybe bullet cam for snipers. Slow-motion badguy deaths, cool angles when breaching, etc. Xcom's reboots did this and I've gotta say, I get really amped for those.

5. Dynamically generated missions.
I not only want to play through this game's story and a few side missions/challenges, etc.
I want a side-mode where I get to just assemble a team of my choice, dive in and have no idea what to expect. Splinter Cell: Convictions offers Mercenary Mode for example, allowing one to play around with non-story related PvE co-op or solo modes using customized gear.
This is a lot of fun and should've been featured in its sequel.
The most important thing to consider if you want funding for a sequel is replay-ability.
Games like Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout 1 and 2, and the original Deus Ex games are STILL selling copies this far into their ancient half-lives because they're very replayable.
I'm willing to bet Last Guardian, Fallout's late 3D sequels and the newest Deus Ex games wouldn't have been released so damned far after their prequels if people hadn't still been excited about the originals when they were announced. This game looks brilliant. But you've gotta make sure it's worth a few replays, 'cause it might take you a while to build a decent sequel that tops it.
Make sure to do it right the first time.

6. Gun/Gear customization.
Pretty sure I touched on this already, but customization is a MUST in modern game design.
People wanna be able to deck out their soldiers' gear with sweet ass modifications.
Let them strap some extra plate on their armour. Let them put that sweet ass scope and underbarrel on their gun. Maybe let them pick their camo or whatever.
You don't have to be responsible for those lacking fashion sense or tactical knowhow.
Let 'em go nuts with stuff even if it doesn't always make perfect sense.
Look at the customization in Army of Two (or its first sequel) or MGSV for examples.
Remember: Letting someone choose between a handful of different pre-built suits is NOT real customization. It feels lazy and disappointing. Letting them choose the color or camo of one type of gear is no better. Give them options. Different knee pads, helmets, etc. Don't be lazy.

7. Cooperative two person techniques.
I don't mean multiplayer. I mean try integrating techniques and tactics that can only be performed with two characters. Maybe one guy gives another a boost, for a simple example. Or a sniper shoots a guy long range while his buddy catches the body and slowly lowers/hides it before it hits the ground, alerting nearby enemies. That sort of stuff. Look at games like Army of Two or Splinter Cell: Blacklist for examples. Also be creative and see if you can think of some stuff nobody's done.
I wanna drag a wounded buddy into cover or maybe hide some bodies, you know?
Make sure your characters really interact with eachother for best results.

8. Environmental hazards and advantages.
Lemme have my guy shoot that crane to drop heavy cargo on some bad guys.
Lemme fire at a barrel to explode some dudes. Lemme plant breach charges on some supports and drop a roof on some guys or drop the floor out from under 'em! Lemme masterkey the hinges off a door and kick it into a guy. Lemme shield bash a guy off a rooftop or tackle someone out a window or something! Actually, while we're there... maybe it'd be cool if I could push heavy furniture, desks or something, in front of a door to keep it closed off. How about flipping a heavy metal table to use for cover? Maybe I'd like to have a guy grab a rope or a fire hose or some cables or something and use them as an improvised rappelling opportunity. Or some ziplines or something. Get real creative with different ways to use the map's features! Variety is the spice of life and NOBODY ever said "Gee, I wish they didn't have so many cool ways to get around and do stuff."

9. I'd love to be able to customize my faction/factions.
Yes, we went over customization twice. It's important though.
It'd be cool if I could design teams of my own choosing.
Maybe I want some cool Spetsnaz guys who use a lot of old ass Soviet gear and have cool accents or straight up speak Russian? Maybe I want high tech INTERPOL/UN types that use FN guns and neat top of the line tricks like recon drones and special sights? Maybe it'd be nice to just have a team of Black Ops type mercs who fight dirty and don't officially answer to any particular nation?
You could really do a lot to let people shape the experience as they see fit, turning this into their own perfect game just by allowing them some cool cosmetic options.

10. Variety in characters.
Maybe you've got a guy with a badass prosthetic limb.
A few female soldiers wouldn't hurt. A lot of people dislike when wargames don't include any badass women. Super sneaky spy guys who got that mysterious vibe are good.
An old grizzled vet with a missing eye and a beard and an attitude, of course.
Realism is good. But if you try to be too uniform to what you'd see in your average US Military infantry unit, the game is going to be boring. Remember that this is a game and not a sim.
Sure, you want a degree of tactical realism. But you also want it to be fun.
And not every bit of real war is a fun experience that people wanna pay to experience.
Don't be afraid to steer slightly out of the realm of realism here and there.
Take a look at the MGS series for example. Giant robots, cyborg ninjas, vampires and hiding in boxes... not the most realistic. Probably over the top. But it does require people to think and they love it. Your game can be more Battlefield and less ARMA and still be damned good and require a lot of thought. And you can always offer customization options for people who do or don't like certain flavours to their games.

For now, this is all I've got off the top of my head, but when I know more about the game,
I might drop a few ideas in later. I wish you the best with your project and look forward to playing it!
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Re: Suggestions for the Devs:

Postby mikeshoe » Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:21 am

I came to this section of the forum intending to offer my suggestions only to find that TinLeaf had beaten me to pretty much all of them. :lol: In particular, the point about character customization is huge. Nothing brings me into a game and increases its replayability like the option to choose things such as names, attire, equipment, gender, height, build, and so on. Additionally, you could allow the customized mercs to be saved and shared between players. I think this would be *very* popular.

As an addendum to the point about synchronized movement, I'd like to suggest offering the option of pausable real-time combat like the Mass Effect games or Baldur's Gate before that. Essentially, you'd have the ability to play in a mode where all parties (player as well as computer) are acting in real time, with each team member given orders to move, act, shoot, etc. At any point, the player would be able to pause the action, issue new orders, then resume. I'm surprised more games haven't copied this model and I believe it would be very appealing.

On top of dynamically-generated missions, I think a mission editor/creation tool is a natural fit. Again, allowing players to make and trade maps would be well received and dramatically increase replayability.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I hope these kinds of suggestions are helpful, and I'd be happy to make more as I think of them. Best of luck with development and I'm looking very forward to seeing the game mature.

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Re: Suggestions for the Devs:

Postby Stocker » Thu May 25, 2017 2:06 pm

Guys, I'm from Ukraine (Cyrillic) and I have a some comments on names of the characters in Story. Names as Martyn Leonid, Oleg Klim or Anatoly Vitalik sounds for us like Jack John, Tomas Tom or something like this. Leonid, Oleg, Klim, Anatoly and Vitalik (this is short version of Vitaliy such as Bob for Robert) - these words can only uses for names and not surnames.
That's why when I read Story it becomes funny to me.
This is a small omission, but it will be noticeable to all players from countries where these names are used.
Good luck, devs. I hope your project will be a milestone in the industry like a JA or X-Com.
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Re: Suggestions for the Devs:

Postby clbr3800 » Fri May 26, 2017 2:10 am

Hello, bit old the post but could not pass the oportunity of saying that there should definitely be vehicles, from motorcycles to helicopters, that would add another layer of complexity/entertainment to the game, i take this from 7.62 high calibre/hard life, it's amazing when you start having to walk everywhere and bit by bit you get to "upgrade" your transportation capabilities (start walking, then get a ford and next thing you're driving an APC), also a good amount of guns would be nice, so one can have variety when it comes to equipping the team.

Sorry for my probably bad spelling :lol:

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