What are you looking forward to the most in End State?

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Re: What are you looking forward to the most in End State?

Postby Shadow » Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:26 pm

– Good AI Behavior
– Silent Kills (Pistol and Knife)
– Interrupt System
– Physical Bullet System (Bullets fly correctly through enemys and wood, stone, metal and so on.
– Destroyable Windows and Doors
– Breaking through Windows and Doors
– Target System where you aim at different bodyparts
– Hearing Enemys
– Sniping, close combat
– Deep Lootsystem with many knifes, guns, rifles, heavy weapons, secret weapons
– Mercenary / Soldier Company where you can hire your team over days, weeks, month / You have to pay your team
– Remarkable Mercenaries with own charakters – You have to care about your team
– Good Quests/Missions with a good Story that holds everything together
– Different Missiontypes with unique targets, rescue hostiles, defend hostiles, hold zones, rescue VIPs, defuse bombs, steal important secret informations, hack computers, clear enemy territory to save an escape.
– Sneaking Missions where enemys are not allowed to see you
– Explosions and destruction system
– Healing System, you have to stop bleedings, heal wounds
– Wounds influence firing (Your team and enemys)
– NPCs – You can talk to npcs and get important informations and new missions
– Big Map with different enemy types in every sector
– Base/computer/laptop where you organize all your mercs, missions, equiptment, loot, strategic map

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